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Home > Wines of Switzerland > Red and Rose Wines

Red and Rose Wines


Red - Fine, elegant, racy
Red- Powerful, full-bodied
Rose - From light to full-bodied

Red - Fine, elegant, racy
Pinot Noir
Modish and aromatic
Dole from Valais; Neuchatel, Geneva, Vaud, Eastern Switzerland (Blauburgunder)
Suggestions: Rabbit, cheeses, poultry, roast and braised meats and stews
Oriental cuisine: Meat and poultry dishes (ex. sukiyaki, teriyaki).
Serving temperature: 12-14°C (54-57°F)

Red and Rose Wines Red - Powerful, full-bodied
Merlot Del Ticino
Powerful bouquet, encompassing and full- bodied

Suggestions: Chateaubriand, lamb, braised meats, liver, roast venison, rabbit or pork, polenta, pasta, warm foie gras, stuffed duck, mushroom risotto, soft cheeses.
Oriental cuisine: meat and poultry dishes (ex. shabu shabu)
Serving temperature (depending on age):14-18°C (57-64°F)

Pinot Noir
Munificent and rich
Vaud and Valais
Suggestions: roasts, steaks, dried meats, rabbit, poultry, cheeses and other red meats.
Oriental cuisine: meat and poultry dishes (ex. toriniku no karaage, gyuniku no yanagawafu).
Serving temperature (depending on age): 14-18°C (57-64°F)

Valais specialities
Syrah, Cornalin, Valais, Humagne Rouge.
Suggestions: Braised meats, warm foie gras, Poultry and game (hare, quail and goose), dried meats, roasted meats and cheeses.
Serving temperature (depending on age): 14-18°C (57-64°F)

Juicy, light and lively
Gamay Rose
Gamay Roses
Geneva, Vaud, Valais
Suggestions: Salade nicoise, fish soup, charcuterie (pates, sausages), avocado, goat and other fresh cheeses, light summer meals, light oriental dishes.
Serving temperature: 7-9°C (45-48°F)

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