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Home > Wines of Switzerland > Merlot & Ticino Merlot- the King of Ticino Wines

Merlot & Ticino Merlot- the King of Ticino Wines


Merlot & Ticino Merlot- the King of Ticino Wines

Ticino, Switzerland’s sunny home and extensively popular for Merlot.  The climate in Ticino is proved to be best suited for the production of Merlot. The first experiment was made with French Merlot wines from Bordeaux, in the year 1907. Since then, Merlot was the most cultivated wine in Ticino. This venerable grape found its way in Switzerland in 1906. The name «Merlot» is derived from the blackbird («merlo» because of the resemblance of the ripe grape to the color of the bird. It is also believed that Merlot is one of the first grape to be ripened and the first that the blackbird eats.

Sopraceneri and Sottoceneri are the two geographically divided distinctive types of soils of Ticino. Merlot (83%), Americana red, Chardonnay, Bondola, Pinot Noir are the different varieties of wines produced in the region. A large of wines are manufactured and distributed all throughout region of Ticino, Merlot being extremely liked among them. In 1997, the Merlot of the Ticino has gained the D.O.C., the control of origin term and a symbol of recognition of production and quality.

The Ticino wines are cultivated as per their importance; explore these vineyards in half a day. A plethora of grapes reach maturation towards the end of September and medium-sized grapes have gained blue-black colored skins. Merlot tastes awesome with minestrone, grilled meats, and main courses in general and matured, but not sharp, cheeses, it is well suited for maturation in small oak barrels. The wine from these grapes is evenly balanced, of a rather strong ruby-red color and has a good body with a stylish touch of ivy. Moreover, the taste is dry, with a pleasing bitterish strength to its savor.

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