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Home > Wines of Switzerland > Domaine Du Mont D'or

Domaine Du Mont D'or


DOMAINE DU MONT D'ORDomaine du Mont d’or is an exceptional vineyard holds a breathtaking site on the Montorge just outside Sion, Valais. Planted in the terraces on the west side of the Montorge the company spread about 220 terraces. Established in the second half of the 19th century, the Domaine de Mont d’or offers different varieties according to its altitude and exposure. As the name suggests, barley (orge) is grown on «mount» that positioned in the middle of the valley facing the two hills of Valere and Tourbillon.

The company is said to be as a unique vineyard region in Switzerland not only because of its ideal exposure by also for its extraordinary planting location. At the very edge of Sion its summit you can still see the vestiges of a castle that was burned down in 1417. Sylvaner is the primary variety of the Mont d’or vineyard.  In the Valais, Sylvaner plants from the famous Johannisberg castle on the Rhine. In this microclimate of the Mont d’or, the grape did very well. Johannisberg Mont d’or is an extraordinary wine variety that has been achieving gold medals since 1878. 

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