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Switzerland Flexi Tours, Switzerland Train Travel

Switzerland is known for the efficiency of its railway lines and for the scenic routes along which its trains operate. Apart from high-speed trains, Switzerland has a number of mountain railways including quaint cogwheel trains and funicular trains that are popular with tourists. Visitors come from around the world and enjoy the train rides through scenic mountain views provided by the Glacier Express and Bernina Express on tours of Switzerland. The Swiss Pass is a convenient ticket, which allows you to travel on trains across Switzerland. Train tickets can be bought at all large railway stations. You can experience the fun and excitement of Switzerland train travel with Switzerland Flexi Tours. Rail Switzerland

Glacier Express

This world-renowned train ride offers panoramic views of the Swiss Alps along its route. Called the Worlds Slowest Express Train, the Glacier Express has delighted passengers since 1930 with its 169-mile journey past alpine views, over 291 bridges and through 91 tunnels. It travels at a speed of 22 miles per hour, and covers the distance between Zermatt and St. Moritz in 7 ˝ hours. You can travel on the Glacier Express at any time of year. The large windows in the passenger coaches offer spectacular views of the Alpine scenery. The dining coach is furnished in antique style and offers exquisite cuisine along with tilted wine glasses so that you can enjoy your wine without any danger of spillage while ascending the steep Alpine slopes. Rail Switzerland

Swiss Chocolate Train

The Swiss Chocolate Train combines the pleasure of a train ride with the delight of Switzerland's delicious chocolates. The Swiss Chocolate train is a part of the Montreux-Oberland-Bernois Railway. It sets out from Montreux from June to October and takes visitors to the Cailler-Nestlé chocolate factory. The Swiss Chocolate train travels past beautiful countryside with rolling vineyards and stops near the Gruyeres cheese factory. Passengers can tour the castle and cheese making center and purchase authentic Gruyere cheese. The train then proceeds to Broc where the Cailler-Nestlé chocolate factory is located. Enjoy a tour of the chocolate factory, taste the delicious chocolate as it is made and shop for chocolates at factory prices. Return to Montreux on the Swiss chocolate train, with happy memories of your chocolate-filled expedition. Rail Switzerland

Other famous train rides along scenic routes in Switzerland are the Bernina-Express/Heidi-Express, GoldenPass Line and the William Tell Express. You can enjoy tours on these scenic train routes with Switzerland Flexitours.

Switzerland's Intercity trains

Fast and efficient intercity trains connect most cities in Switzerland including Zurich and Lausanne, Zurich and Biel/Bienne and Bern and Biel/Bienne. There are also connecting trains to the airports at Zurich and Geneva. Trains also operate late into the night to enable tourists to get back to their hotels after an evening out in town.

Funiculars, Aerial Cable Cars, and Cogwheel Railroads

Some of the special train tours can enjoy while on traveling on tours of Switzerland, are: - train tickets switzerland

Switzerland Flexi Tours, Cable Car Train

Funicular Railways:

Funicular railways consist of a combination of railway line and a pulley system that lifts the coaches. Two coaches of equal weight are connected by a pulley system. As one car moves up a hill slope its counterweight - the second car - moves down. The cars pass each other along the way and after they reach the end of the track their direction of movement is reversed. Funicular railways are used on slopes and mountains where normal railway lines cannot be placed because of the steep gradient. - train tickets switzerland

Cable Cars

These aerial conveyances consist of two coaches or gondolas suspended from a cable. The two cars act as counterweights, with each balancing the other as they move along the cable. Cable cars are used where a railway line cannot be placed on the surface of the ground, such as to carry people up a mountain from its base to the summit. - railway switzerland

Cog wheel Railway

Also called rack-and-pinion, or rack railway a cog wheel railway is like a normal railway train with the addition of horizontal gears on the coaches. These horizontal gears, which consist of toothed gear wheels, provide additional traction on extremely steep slopes. - railway switzerland


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