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Hotels in Engelberg - Switzerland


Engelberg is one of Switzerland's lesser-visited ski resorts. Located in the Obwalden Canton, Engelberg is the perfect base for tourists who wish to explore the 3239-meter high Mount Titlis. The old cloister, once the abode of Benedictine monks, is now a popular tourist destination owing to its old architecture.

Hotels in Engelberg:

Treff Hotel Regina Titlis Engelberg

Dorfstrasse 33, Engelberg 6390

Elegance is the hallmark of the Treff Hotel Regina Titlis, Engelberg. All the guestrooms, meeting venues, restaurants and bar at the hotel have a stately grace that invites many guests to spend their Engelberg vacation here. Another good thing about the Treff Hotel Regina Titlis is its location; the hotel lies in the heart of Engelberg, a few meters away from the railway station and ski car.

Hotel Terrace Engelberg

Terracestrasse 33, CH-6390 Engelberg,

The Hotel Terrace, Engelberg, dates back to 1903, when it was built to cater to the Art Noveau taste in vogue then. Comfortable rooms, a tastefully decorated lobby, restaurants and unlimited leisure options complete the perfect picture.

Hotel Crystal Engelberg

Dorfstrasse 45, CH-6390 Engelberg

The Hotel Crystal is a family run establishment that welcomes guests with its warm hospitality and traditional Swiss decor. The hotel features a host of services and facilities, from meeting rooms to a restaurant and bar. You can also enjoy some rare vintages stocked in the cellar.


Hotel Europe Engelberg

Dorfstrasse 40, 6390 Engelberg

Hotel Europe / Europäischer Hof is counted among one of the luxurious hotel of Engelberg as well as Europe. The central location, the secluded hotel grounds, the exotic fountains, the sunny rooms and view of castle makes the hotel a haven of tranquility. Stylishly appointed rooms combined with cosines and modishness makes it very luring to stay longer than the pre plan.

Hotel Garni Belmont Engelberg

Dorfstr. 54, 6390 Engelberg

Hotel Garni Belmont is an individually appointed and genuinely decorated hotel situated at a very convenient distance from the station of Engelberg. Every month it invites a large number of tourists for it’s being a well-run hotel with a combination of atmosphere and tradition. Brilliant cuisines, sunny rooms, and health center with sauna, solariums are responsible of making the hotel a perfect place for leisure and stay. The staff members of the hotel Garni Belmont are also very cooperative and generous. The attentive service of the hotel member gives it it’s a status of a grand hotel.


Hotel Garni Hostatt Engelberg

Schweizerhausstrasse 22, 6390 Engelberg

The hotel Garni Hostatt is growing as an ideal place for stay by its sunny location panoramic view of the summit of central Switzerland. The hotel is famous for its world-class generosity and service. It l is just 2 km from the center of the excellent countryside. The station of the free ski- bus is also two minute walking distance from the hotel. Hiking, mountain biking, Nordic walking and climbing are thriving sports of the place, makes it a unique place for adventure.

Hotel Garni Sunnmatt Engelberg

Alpenstr. 1, 6390 Engelberg, Central Switzerland

Garni Sunnmatt is a small chalet style hotel built in 1988. The hotel is placed just near to the town center as well as Titlis Aerial cable way. This newly made hotel tried to come up with all the amenities generally needed for the purpose of case and soothe. The balcony is designed in such a way to give a majestic view of alpine vista. Its perfect location makes the hotel an ultimate place for excursion.

Hotel Schweizerhof Engelberg

Dorfstr. 42, 6390 Engelberg

The hotel Schweizerhof was built in the year 1845, famous for its national significance. Its architecture and interior design is beyond any comparison. Emperors, empresses, queens and kings have all been the guest in the hotel Schweizerhof. Schweizerhof Hotel is situated in the heart of Switzerland and very close to the airport.

Hotel Spannort Engelberg

Hotel Spannort, Dorfstr. 28, 6390 Engelberg

Hotel Spannort is located in the heart of the Pedestrained village center. The hotel Spannort is really a gem for Engelberg rich with all the architectural and interior design. Its carved wood panelling is responsible for creating a cosy atmosphere. Hotel Spannort is situated on a mountain, just 3 minutes from railway station ,offers excellent view of countryside.

Hotel Banklialp Engelberg

Bänklialpweg 25, 6390 Engelberg

Hotel Banklialp is a star hotel stands 500 meters from the center of Engelberg. The hotel is a typical cozy Swiss Alpine located in a very fair distance in the edge of the forest. There is no crowd of traffic that makes the hotel an ideal place for stay.

Hotel Edelweiss Engelberg

Hotel Edelweiss, Terracestrasse 10, 6390 Engelberg

The hotel Edelweiss is one of the most famous family hotel of Engelberg as well as Switzerland. It is an example of incredible family hotel situated in just a distance of 3 minutes from center of the Engelberg village. The hotel offers a panoramic view composed of all the sightseeing of the city. The hotel was established in the year of 1903, located in he city center of Engelberg.

Hotel Iglu Dorf Engelberg

Iglu-Dorf Engelberg, Trubsee, 6390 Engelberg

Iglu Dorf Engelberg hotel is completely wrapped in snow offers a chance of exploration and adventure. It’s a wild romantic landscape presents the breathtaking sights of central Swiss mountains. This Igloo village of Engelberg is the frequently visited hotel of Switzerland instead of its chilled climate. The hotel is located near Trübsee, 1800 m above the sea level.

Hotel Cathrin Engelberg

Hotel Cathrin, Birrenweg 22, 6390 Engelberg

Hotel Cathrin is one of the most preferred hotels in Engelberg, situated at a walking distance of 10 minute from the center of Engelberg. Hotel Cathrin can be recognized as the best hotel of Engelberg as well as Switzerland. The hotel is located at a lovely position for skiers near titlis cable car.

Hotel Central Engelberg

Hotel Central, Dorfstr. 48, 6390 Engelberg

The hotel Central is a small hotel in the ski area of Engelberg. The hotel is about 50 meter from the railway station. A central location combined with extraordinary facilities and gracious service makes the hotel an outstanding choice. The hotel has a warm cosy surrounding. The staffs of the hotel are multilingual.

Hotel Bellevue Engelberg

Hotel Bellevue, Bahnhofplatz, 6390 Engelberg

Hotel Bellevue is a nostalgic hotel situated 8 m from hotel Europe. All the rooms of the hotel are made in an old architectural style. The hotel Bellevue bears a very convenient means of transpiration and communication. Overall the hotel is familiar among the tourist for its clean, comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

Hotel Engelberg, Engelberg

Dorfstrasse 14, 6391 Engelberg

Hotel Engelberg is a Family hotel situated in a relaxed area of Engelberg. The establishment of the hotel is in a traffic free center of Engelberg. It is 5 minute walking distance from the railway station. The nearest airport is Zurich, 100 km from the hotel. The hotel Engelberg may be counted as one of the top-rated hotels in Engelberg as well as Switzerland.

Hotel Berghotel Trubsee Hof Engelberg

6390 Engelberg-Trubsee

Berghotel Trubsee Hof is a perfect place for family stay in Switzerland. The hotel gifts all the pleasant sights of Surroundings Mountains. Hopper Bar popular for fun and music is very close to the hotel is for party lovers. The cable car is accessible from the place and a very also a convenient distance from station of Engelberg.

Hotel Waldegg Engelberg

Schwandstrasse 91, 6090 Engelberg

Hotel waldegg is a tremendous hotel located on the roofs of Engelberg. The hotel offers all the excellent views of Titlis and the hill panorama. It provides a great service with full generosity and modesty to the visitors of Engelberg.

Hotel Alpina Engelberg

Hotel Alpina, Erlenweg 34, 6390 Engelberg

The hotel Alpina is an extra ordinary establishment of Engelberg offers a humble and meek service to its visitors. The hotel is familiar among the tourist for its maximum number of services. The hotel Alpina gives an opportunity to explore the village Engelberg by offering skiing and mountain climbing. A huge lounge with a chimney, a billiards room, a small club, a fitness center and a gallery with an exhibition hall are the prime reason of attractions of the hotels.

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